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Por Los Ojos De Mi Gente (Through the eyes of my Tribe)
antonio pulgarin
Jun 19, 2020

Artist, Alanna Fields and myself are proud to bring you Por Los Ojos De Mi Gente (Through the eyes of my tribe) opening at Baxter St Camera Club of New York today. This group exhibition presents recent works by POC and Queer identifying lens-based artists. The exhibition is inspired by the pioneering transgender activists: Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera and the legacies they left behind. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Rivera worked tirelessly to foster safe spaces for LGBTQ youth in New York City and those impacted by H.I.V/AIDS. They were vital figures in the Stonewall uprising that took place on June 28th, 1969 but their contributions to the uprising and the civil rights revolution that soon followed, are often left out of every Pride narrative. In recent years, a petition began to recognize their contributions to the movement but their exclusion from pride narratives unearthed deeper rooted issues within the LGBTQ community. Reacting to inequity in contemporary visual representations of people of color within the LGBTQ spectrum, the participating artists in this exhibition draw from their respective personal experiences and histories to create a multi-narrative account of the complexities surrounding Queer identity in America.

The exhibition will be projected in the window of the gallery, located on 126 Baxter Street, and will live online via the exhibition link here:

When you have a moment please take a moment to view the exhibition online and help support the voices of these artists. When on the exhibition page please scroll down to play the exhibition video.

Baxter St at CCNY » Por Los Ojos De Mi Gente (Through the eyes of my tribe)

Antonio Pulgarin

Antonio Pulgarin is an award winning Lens Based Artist based in Brooklyn, New York.
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